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Storytelling School

Jun 28, 2023

I’m at an Improv class doing a scene with a partner when the instructor stops us. He says to me, “When you think about your character you just acted out, what was their point of view? What was their philosophy?”

I’m thinking, “Philosophy?! This is Improv! I barely know my character’s name, let alone what my...

Jun 21, 2023

With each podcast episode we release, I send an email out with a story to highlight it. My favorite part of these emails is the “PS” where I can spotlight news, make announcements, or ask you a question.

So I’m working on the email last week and thinking about what I can put in the PS.  And I get the idea to...

Jun 14, 2023

It’s 2003. I’m at my very first TED event and I’m in the computer industry. Over a period of five days, I’m not hearing typical presentations on one subject matter. Instead, I am listening to Talks about nanotechnology, robotics, cancer cure research, and a variety of other topics that I never would have...

Jun 7, 2023

I’m meeting with one of my clients. And she says to me, “Kymberlee, every time I ask you, ‘How are you doing?’ you always say, ‘I’m amazing.’ How is that possible, and how can I do it too?”

It’s simple. I tell her, “I’ve designed my life around everything I love to do.”

I love speaking, and I...