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Storytelling School

Aug 31, 2022

I open an email from the creative director of a local theatre. In it, she’s asking me if I’d be willing to step in as the replacement lead in a two-person play… that opens in 10 days!

I take a look at the play and a couple of things immediately catch my attention. First, it includes Shakespeare. I’ve never done...

Aug 24, 2022

I’m rehearsing with my Improv team for a big upcoming show when our coach John says to me, “All your characters sound… like Kymberlee.” I’m thinking, “Well, of course, they do! I’m the one creating them.”

I must’ve said what I was thinking out loud because he responds back, “Actually Kymberlee,...

Aug 17, 2022

I’m in a hotel room in San Francisco trying to perfect my geisha makeup for Halloween 2006. I’ve already made many DIY attempts, and it’s just not working out. I resemble Batman more than a geisha, so I decide to let a professional makeup artist do it instead.

Off to the mall department store I go and my husband...

Aug 10, 2022

It’s 2015 and I’ve just become addicted to this thing called improvisational comedy. I’m consuming every bit of information I can find: taking classes, reading books, and Googling everything about it. I’m completely immersed.

Then I hear about an Improv performance just south of where I live. Obviously, I have...

Aug 3, 2022

I’m running for 6th-grade student body president and it’s a big day for me. When it’s my turn to make my speech, I walk up the stairs to the podium on stage with my script in hand. I’ve worked and re-worked this speech for hours and hours, day after day, just for this moment. 

The entire school auditorium...