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Storytelling School

Apr 27, 2022

I’m working with a new client on a high-stakes speech about an unprecedented business idea. As we’re working together, I show him how he can use storytelling to help his idea come to life and connect to his audience. So he sends me his first draft... and boy, is it a surprise!

In our sessions, he is always direct...

Apr 20, 2022

I’m texting back and forth with my oldest friend Jeff when he says, “We saw a clip yesterday of The Blob. Do you remember us watching that as kids?” 

Boy, do I! Just the mere mention of the title and all of these emotions come flooding back. I was around 11 when I saw that movie, and it was so terrifying that...

Apr 13, 2022

I am at a speaking event with my friend Chris who is an incredible photographer. As we’re chatting, I ask him, “How do you take the amazing pictures that you take?” 

He says, “It’s easy. If you want to take interesting pictures, be interesting.” 


It sounds so simple, and yet at that moment it...

Apr 6, 2022

I’m teaching a storytelling workshop to 100 non-profit executive directors when one of the CEOs raises her hand. She says, “I don’t have a story. I run the local Humane Society and we depend on donations. None of the donors care about my personal story. They want to hear about the animals.” 

So I ask her why she...