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Storytelling School

Jan 25, 2023

I’m preparing to teach my Mastermind class about being a premium brand. But there’s one issue: I’m tired of using the same old Apple, Ritz Carlton, Mercedes types of examples…

As I’m sipping on my homemade matcha latte, it hits me. I have the answer right in the palm of my hand! 

I remember being out of...

Jan 18, 2023

It’s showtime. I’m wickedly nervous as I prepare to deliver my monologue in my very first acting class. I’ve been rehearsing relentlessly and memorizing my script so that I don’t forget any of my character’s dialogue.

I begin. And not two minutes into it, my teacher Peter stops me. 

What he says next...

Jan 11, 2023

I’m at The Groundlings Theatre for an Improv class. We’re doing two-person scenes when our instructor says it’s time for a drill. “This next exercise is a way to go deeper into your characters, fast.”

For each pair, he instructs one person to start with a mundane statement about the other. The second person...

Jan 4, 2023

I’m about to deliver a Talk, and I want to open it with a really good story I remembered from a couple of months ago. The problem is I can’t find it anywhere!

I look at my whiteboard, thinking, “Surely, I scribbled a little message about it somewhere there.” Nope. 

I search my notebooks. Zip.

I sort through my...