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Storytelling School

Mar 30, 2022

As my birthday approaches, my husband suggests a really nice dinner. I (half) jokingly respond with, “New choice!” 

He ups the ante to a theme park visit. I quickly respond with, “New choice!” 

Then he says, “How about we go to Japan?” I am ALL IN on that idea.

You know you’ve found the love of your life...

Mar 23, 2022

I’m in an incredible business as the director of the International Flash Forward Film Festival. Yet, I look around me and notice that the majority of the speakers and attendees are male. 

“No problem,” I tell myself. “I’ll just get my MBA, and they’ll take me seriously in this male-dominated tech...

Mar 16, 2022

A theater friend of mine sends me an email. He’s directing a play and wants me to be in it. Yet my schedule is so crazy, I don’t think I can fit it in, and I definitely don’t want to let the other actors down. He insists that we can work around my schedule and then drops a bit of a bombshell. It’s a one-act...

Mar 9, 2022

“What’s one of your earliest memories?” my friend Darrell asks me. At first, it’s hard to remember. As I’m thinking back and back… I finally have one. Poetry! My grandmother and I loved to (and still do!) write, recite, and memorize poems.

I remember one poem in particular to this day: “Sarah Cynthia...

Mar 2, 2022

I’m prepping for a role when my movement coach John asks me, “What animal are you?” I’m confused because I’m playing a police officer from Philadelphia, not an animal. He continues, “We need to infuse your character with an animal. So what kind of animal would a Philadelphia police officer be?”

I honestly...